In this area you can find some of the Games I worked at.

This game called „UberClause“ is a project by my team and myself from one of our Game Design courses in the 5th semester. I was partly responsible for the art, storytelling and level design.

Genre: 3D first person-plattformer

This game in development called „Beat Bubbles“ is a project by my team and myself we are working on since the 6th semester. I am mostly responsible for 3D art, concept art and Leveldesign. With the help of the university, we started a simulated independence with this project.


Genre: Rhythm Runner

This BA-project witch I created  on my own is an support for my Thesis „Wie wird Kraft in Videospielen vermittelt?“. The goal is to show how power can be visualiced. 

Genre: First Person Shooter arenafight